Make friends, learn the greatest spells, stun the locals, buy awesome foods and win the House Cup in this epic RPG!
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The start of a new school year alway beings unexpected surprises, awesome memories and of course... supply gathering! The students of Hogwarts are collecting their supplies from Diagon Alley as we speak, spending their money as they see fit. After this, it's to the station to find Platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express! However, a rather disturbing piece of news has just emerged. Apparently the train stopped on its first trip to Hogwarts and shook from side to side as explosions wrecked havoc from within. The cause is unknown, but families are still assured their children are safe.

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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:09 pm

These rules are subject to change.
Be polite and respectful to other people on this site.
That means no name-calling (unless it's in a joking manner, but if someone says to stop then STOP), and no insulting others' beliefs, religion, and all that.

If your character is mean then fine, but don't be like that out of character (OOC). First & second offense, you will be warned. Final offense, you will then be banned because we don't want mean and bitter people here.

IF you do have a problem with another character/person, please take it to PM/MSN/AIM/Yahoo messengers to work it out. DO NOT TAKE IT TO THE CHATBOX! No one wants to hear your immature arguments. IF you think it's getting out of hand, contact an Admin or Mod immediately.

No excessive swearing!
If it's not in the Harry Potter books, it should not be on here (an exception would the Harry Potter puppet pals swear words). This goes for the ENTIRE forum and chatbox. Three strikes and you're out (meaning banned).

Child abuse & other issues are also not allowed!
We know some characters have dark pasts and that's all nice and dandy, but no PLAYABLE ADULT CHARACTER should EVER abuse a child. As such, there are other things to address. Issues include but are not limited to rape, self harm, and mental illness. These things are very real for some people and they could potentially be upsetting, and therefore not allowed. First offense is an immediate ban.

God-Moding (GMing) & Being Over-Powered (OP)
This is NOT allowed unless you have express permission from the other player. God-moding means that you're trying to control another person's character. Over-powered is self-explanatory.

Example: Eve (my character) takes out her wand and hits Kira (not my character) with the stunning spell. He drops to the ground like a flubberworm.

That is not how it works! However the next example is better because the other player can respond to the open invitation.

Example: Eve takes out her wand and casts the killing curse towards Kira, hoping that it will hit him.

As for being Over-powered - don't do it! People will dislike you, and that's not cool. In this site... We should be able to love and be friends with everyone. However, if you're having trouble discerning an OP character, here are some examples.

Example: Kira casted five stunning spells toward Marie, and Marie dodged every one of them.


Example: Marie, a first year, was fighting against a seventh year student. She used the Accio charm to summon his wand, and then won the duel without a scratch.

The examples are a bit exaggerated, but I hope it clears up any confusion as to GMing and being OP. When and if you encounter someone GMing your character, please send them a warning via OWL/PM and if they continue to do so after you warned them TWO times then report it to an Admin or Moderator and we will take care of it. In the case of OP characters, if you feel them being too OP - send them a warning via OWL/PM as well as send an OWL/PM to either Admins or Moderators.

We take GMing and OP characters very seriously as they tend to create a lot of problems.

Sexual Content
Sexual innuendos are tolerated, but sexual content is not! We don't want to see any mention of private parts, sex, "heavy petting", etc.

We know there will be adult and teenager characters on here, and it's normal that they will have lovers, girlfriends, and boyfriends but you need only HINT to sex. This stuff should NOT be described! Harry Potter is and has been targeted towards young children, and therefore need to be kept at a minimum. If we see this content you will be warned ONCE, afterwards all other offenses will get you banned.

Animal abuse will not be tolerated!
Killing spiders, insects, or other pests is whatever, but anything that is considered a pet (birds, cats, dogs, etc.) will be treated with love and respect. If your character is evil, the most he or she can do is ignore it, but if we see your character abusing an animal you will be warned three times. Other offenses after that will result in a ban.

Just letting y'all know that performing magic that DOES NOT CAUSE PAIN on the animal is, however, acceptable. Examples would be using the levitation charm or things like that.

Mary-Sue & Gary-Stue Characters
No one likes them! So don't make one. Don't know what they are, click here. And if you don't know if your character is one, take this quiz.

No Thread Jacking
If it is open, then anyone can post in the thread. But if it said somewhere on there (like the title or description) that specific players are the only ones allowed to enter then they're the ONLY ONES ALLOWED TO POST (unless invited - that works too).

Quality Posting
Please do NOT post one-liners in game. Three lines or sentences at least. The lack of writing may make the person you're playing with feel like you don't want to RP with them, or vise versa. And it also shows that you may not care about you're character either so try to describe whatever they're doing or feeling as much as you can.
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General Rules
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