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 Josephine Luna Longbottom

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Josephine Luna Longbottom
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First Year

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PostSubject: Josephine Luna Longbottom   Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:19 pm

My name of course Josephine Luna Longbottom, the daughter of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood Longbottom, eleven years ago to this day i was born, my mother and father gave birth to me in the muggle world, on a visit to London, their identity to teh muggle doctors and nurses was hard to keep, them having to create lies to the doctors of why my mother was so strange. We soon ended up haveing to live in the muggl world for five years as the doctors and nurses were concerened of my mother and thought she needed councelling. I was raised to know magic, and was raised to know of Hogwarts, though i never visited the wizarding world untill six years ago, My mother completed her therapy, not that i was going to work. We moved to Godericks Hallow, that was when my mother told me the story of Harry Potter and the battle between him and 'He who shall not be named'.

I was took to visit the Potter family, my mother and father being old friends of Ginny and Harry. I learnt about what happened to my grandmother from my mothers side, and of how she died from experiments, and how my Nana and Grampa from my fathers side was tortured and killed by Bellatrix Lestrange.

My intrests in life is the Dark arts, i have been intrested in the death eaters and the meaning inlife, i wondered if i could ever succeed as one of them, but i always knew that i coudl never be a death eater giving the situation that.. i may aswell say his name, i cant be afraid of him... Lord voldermort is dead, and immortal again. I tend to dabble in potions aswell, i create basic potions, i have tried the Ageing potions a few times, and have not yet mastered the ingredients.

My brother Shamus Brian Neville Lucien Longbottom died when he was seventeen, he battled Lucias Malfoy and his son Draco, he tried to prove he was stronger than them, of course this didnt happen in Hogwarts, it would endanger the other students there, considering the fact that Lucias at that time was probably the most feared death eater and, he was too strong for Shamus in the killing him, Draco was soon captured by Dementors and was soon sent to Azkaban Prision, his fatehr Lucias died a year later of old age, unfortunate events in the malfoy family caused them soon to be the least favoured family in the wizard world.

I have a long blonde hair, i think i take most after my mother, but my intellegence is nothing like my mothers neither my fathers, i believe i quite logical, i studie most of the day, yet i feel if i ever practise a charm or spell, i will fail, obviously my confidence need to be inproved and worked on. My mother and father have never told me what sort of witch i am, but i figured it out fro my self when i turned seven, i am a Pure blood i believe, my father is a pure blood, but i dont know what my mother is, she has never told me, she believes that degrading Wizards and Witches to their Ancesrtry is wrong, and in the past caused Muggle Borns or Half bloods to be Mocked and sometimes put away in deungons at the Ministry when Voldermort and teh death eaters infiltrated the ministry.

Out of charecter :

Umm so i know that Neville and Luna dotn actually end up being together, but i think they suit each other.

Back In Charecter :

The excitement of becomeing a first year makes my feet tingle, i am so excited, platform nine and 3/4 here i come... i hope.

Josephine Luna Lovegood x
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Josephine Luna Longbottom
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