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 London's Streets

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PostSubject: London's Streets   Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:54 pm

Cars zipped up and down the street in all directions. Traffic lights flashed frantically and the sound of engines filled the air. Birds swooped overhead in V-Shaped formations and settled themselves upon roofs of houses. The sound of machinery operating could be heard not too far away.
"This is london!" A citizen exclaimed, holding upon his hat as he stepped out of the Ferrari, briefcase in his other hand.
"Indeed. Meet me at the hotel, not too far from here. It's not The Ritz but it'll do!" The driver smiled, slamming the car door gently behind his ex-passenger.
"Indeed." The man muttered to himself as the car sped off. "The Ritz... £2000 quid for 4 nights... That's a little bit steep for me." He sighed as he stepped forward onto the footpath...
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Serena Knight
First Year
First Year

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PostSubject: Re: London's Streets   Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:06 am

Serena shivered in the cool air as she bustled down the pathway. Her head was ducked, and her worn clothes wrapped tightly around her. "Why did Dad make us come here?" She muttered. "I swear, who sends a hoax message by owl, of all creatures. And why didn't Dad just disregard it like he usually does?" Her speed picked up as her paranoia kicked in. Years of practically living on the streets had made her strong and fast compared to most of the kids she saw walking around, however it had seriously affected her mindset. She was often paranoid, and very anti-social. Her father had picked up on it, and made a point of sending her into town whenever possible in the hopes that it would help her overcome it. She shivered violently as another thought hit her, and she suddenly paused as another idea struck her. Her stop caused the people behind her bump into her, and she fell over just as a man stepped onto the footpath. She stared up at him in fear with wide eyes. She was in the weak position, and knew it. She scrambled up and kept running towards the run-down motel she and her father were in, one thought running through her mind. How did we have enough money to fly here?
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London's Streets
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