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 Perseus "Percy" Jackson [[DONE]]

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First Year

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PostSubject: Perseus "Percy" Jackson [[DONE]]   Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:10 am

Perseus Jackson


Alternative Looks I:

Alternative Looks II:

General Information

Nickname: Percy
Age: 15
Birthdate: 25th Day of August 1995
Current Home: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [As Of Now]
Blood Purity: Half Blood

Character & Personality

- Books
- Music
- Snow
- Spells
- Transfiguration
- Care of Magical Creatures
- History of Magic
- Charms
- Rain

- Spiders
- Forcing Him to Obey

Strengths: (List at least three)
- Honesty
- Reliability
- Loyalty
- Perceptiveness

Weaknesses: (List at least three)
- Hot Girls
- Chocolates
- Family
- Love


"You're sort of demanding, aren't you? Nonetheless, I suppose I'll answer your questions. As you've probably already noticed my family is as different from opposite ends of the ocean. My father, Poseidon Jackson, is a fun guy to be around. He's the English Lit. professor at the University of Michigan, which is, in fact, a very prestigious university in the muggle world. However my father always manages to make things interesting. He has to constantly be on his feet & talking and happens to also have an avid love for sports. My dad's a good guy, and I look up to him even with his wide imagination where he was always explaining a new theory or something else. Basically, he's a lovable guy who always likes to have fun, and a hopeless romantic too. Even though he's forty seven he still acts like a child, and never forgets any date. I swear he probably has the fourth time he met my mother for coffee written down somewhere. On the other hand, my mother is the opposite of my father. She's originally from France, but moved to America when she was twenty three years old. My mother's a witch too, which makes my sisters and I halfblooded. Nonetheless, my mother's very high maintenance which is a good thing my father brings home such a nice income. She needs diamonds, she needs flowers, she needs to be cooked for and she's very much the dramatic woman. She's very witty and intelligent as well, which is where my brains most likely originated from. My mom is nice though, she just has a tougher edge which tends to make it hilarious to watch my mother and my father fight. He usually just ends up standing by while she just rolls over him until she finally breaks down and falls down into his arms. I know, it's probably not the nicest that I find amusement from these things, but the mood swing is. You have to experience it to see it.

As a child I tended to get along well with both of my parents - my sister's were always the cause of disruption and my brother... Well, he was the baby of the family who everyone took care of. My mother, my father, my sisters, and I was supposed to. I swear, the world revolved around him but none of us minded because he always had a way of making you laugh with his curious questions. Yes, he was an annoyance at times when I was a teenager, but I regret every bad word I've ever spoken against him because you see... He drowned. Because of me. I was fourteen. I was stupid, I thought I was the shit - excuse my language. It was summer. There were a couple girls coming up to our house daily, but I was supposed to be watching my brother swim in the pool. I told him not to get in since I was busy with the girls, but he was getting tired of waiting. I was ignorant and he'd managed to get in the pool. He jumped in without my knowledge as I was on the other side of the fence. When I returned it was too late. He was only six. Everyone in my family changed after that. My parents never blamed me, but you could tell they were disappointed, and obviously saddened. My sisters fought more after that. One of my triplets helped me get through it. She was more compassionate and understanding, but the other was more dramatic and at first she blamed me. Maybe she still does. I don't resent her for it; she had purely been upset. But me? Well, I do blame myself. I was too arrogant, and now there's not a day that goes by without me thinking about him. Mikey. Maybe that's why they sad I'm brooding. I'm a regretful person and I've made a lot of regrets, but this tops them all. In any case, that's my sad story for the day. My sisters and I get along fine now. We're not over it, but you know they're not mad at me and we have a close relationship. I'm not the over-protective type. Both of my sister's are strong and I care for them, but I'm not their bodyguard with every boy that approaches them. Nonetheless, they're close and I can always count on them to talk and they can count on me. I'm a good secret-keeper too, and since I'm so silent while we were growing up I tended to be their shoulder to cry on or the person they went to when they needed to rant. "

Father: Poseidon Jackson
Mother: Sally Jackson
Brother: Tyson Jackson
Sister: Io Jackson

- (Anything else you want to add? Type here)

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PostSubject: Re: Perseus "Percy" Jackson [[DONE]]   Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:04 pm

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Perseus "Percy" Jackson [[DONE]]
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