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The start of a new school year alway beings unexpected surprises, awesome memories and of course... supply gathering! The students of Hogwarts are collecting their supplies from Diagon Alley as we speak, spending their money as they see fit. After this, it's to the station to find Platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express! However, a rather disturbing piece of news has just emerged. Apparently the train stopped on its first trip to Hogwarts and shook from side to side as explosions wrecked havoc from within. The cause is unknown, but families are still assured their children are safe.

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 I'll tell ya about the magic [[OPEN]]

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PostSubject: I'll tell ya about the magic [[OPEN]]   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:20 am

"Now Perseus Jackson, after your little brother died, we've been so distant to each other. I'm really sorry, son. Hope you forgive me." My father said. He was so kind that it just make Percy teary-eyed with this but after that awful tragedy which was his fault, he became more responsible of things but yeah, already killed someone but it was just an accident but please, everyone deserves a second chance. Percy feels so sorry for what happened back then. He never really want that to happen. His little brother was drowned in the pool. "I'm very sorry dad, its my fault." Percy said as droplets of tear fall from his eyes.

"Well, past is past my boy, you're the only man in the family now. So be a man. I'm counting on you!" He said cheerfully as he kissed Percy on the forehead. The express' bell ringed. That means its the sound of the train departuring. "Go lad, I'll just keep you a heads up from us." He added as he waved at percy. Percy's now leaving his family. Percy's mother is at work at the Ministry of Magic while his father took a day off at work for Percy to depart and go the Hogwarts.

"Bye Dad!" As he entered the train. It looks really awesome inside the express. Classic Medieval windows, the wallpaper looks nice and an eye-candy too. He entered in an empty room for the passengers of Hogwarts. He unloaded his baggage at the proper place. He again waved at his dad which was standing at the station.
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PostSubject: Re: I'll tell ya about the magic [[OPEN]]   Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:07 pm

The train tooted again while there were still several passengers milling about on the platform. This was their alarm for them to start getting on and to wish their parents farewell. There were quite a few upset children as they left to board the train to go to this magical school for the first time...

As Perseus waved his dad goodbye through the window of his carriage, a girl walked briskly past him into the carriage. She had short brown hair and a sort of sarcastic nature, of which was not visible unless she actually spoke to people. With her robes around her and her books in hand, she sat down opposite Perseus.
"Hey, sit down. The train's about to leave." She frowned, looking away from him and placing her books on the floor.

Why was she like this? No reason, other than she had lost her parents at a young age. This was her second year in the school...
A second year of disaster for her...
The sounds of the killing still rung in her ears...
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I'll tell ya about the magic [[OPEN]]
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