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 Serena Jasmine Knight

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Serena Knight
First Year
First Year

Galleons : 0
Sickles : 1
Knuts : 40
Character Age : 23

Wizard Stats
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100/100  (100/100)
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PostSubject: Serena Jasmine Knight   Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:25 pm

General Information

First Name: Serena Jasmine
Last Name: Knight
Heritage/Blood: Pureblood
Nationality: New Zealand
Spoken Languages: English
Place of Birth: New Zealand
Age/Date of Birth: 11 (27 July)
Zodiac: Leo

^ Serena at age 7.


Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Height: 151 cm
General Appearance: She looks quite old for her age, often mistaken for someone older than her. She is almost always daydreaming.

Dressing Style:
Uniform condition: She constantly gets in trouble because her uniform is ripped . The skirt is worn long, but the tights have ladders, the shoes are scuffed, the blouse is ripped so she wears coloured singlets underneath.
Normal clothes: Serena isn’t too fussy over what she wears. Basically, she wears whatever she wants to. Normally, this involves customized jeans of different styles and colours, all with three metal claws ripping through painted on them. Her tops are always different, although she favours the sarcastic tops, such as Happy Bunny tops, over most others. However, she will wear what she feels like wearing, so it isn’t unusual to see her in a dress or a skirt. She never wears jewellery.


General Character Traits:
Likes: Reading, writing, dancing, drawing, drizzling rain, warmth and night time.
Dislikes: Running, heavy rain, heavy sunshine, people who follow her around, when she can't get her drawing's right and mushrooms.
Habits/Mannerisms: She tends to hide behind he books, whether they are sketch books or novels, she doesn’t really care.. If she's talking with someone, she will often be playing with her hair or pulling away. If she’s in a group of 2, she will normally start to stutter. If she’s in a group of 3 or more, she will start to close off completely.
Strengths: She is very smart, very determined and graceful when dancing. Her balance is amazing.
Weaknesses: She doesn't interact well with other people, and is very clumsy when not dancing. She doesn't trip, but she knocks things over or drops things. She can get angry quickly, and fume for a long time.

^ Out on a school trip

Personal History

Parents: Jasmine (Deceased- nee, Black) and Kaspar Knight
Siblings: None
Background Story/History: Although a pureblood witch, Serena was brought up in the muggle world. Her mother died during child birth, so her father gave her the middle name Jasmine as a token of remembrance. Her father couldn't stand all of the reminders of Jasmine in the wizarding world, so left and brought Serena up as a muggle. Although a rich family in the wizarding world, when they left, her father left all finances behind. She grew up struggling. The part of town she lived in was full of gangs, and she was surrounded by drugs. Murders happened in her neighbourhood frequently. She grew up disliking any contact with others, as it nearly always ended up with her beaten in some way. Kaspar attempted to protect her as best he could, however it still left a profound mark on the otherwise happy girl. He never mentioned Hogwarts or magic, and so she didn't know she was a witch until she got her acceptance letter into Hogwarts. After that, he sat her down and told her about Hogwarts and magic, the houses, their reputations, and the rules and regulations of the wizarding world.

^ Serena in her home neighbourhood

Minor Details

Pets: None.
Quidditch position: She doesn’t play, although if she did, she would probably play chaser.
Anything else?: Serena, whilst shy and smiley, is a very strong girl. She will protect her friends when she thinks they need to be protected, however in general, she will let them work through things on her own. She is a perfectionist, and will spends weeks on one drawing or piece of homework, trying to get it perfect. Although her family was rich in the wizarding world, in the muggle world they struggled to get by, so when she and her father re-entered the wizarding world, they decided they would still give Serena only a minimal allowance. This was mainly Serena’s choice, as she decided that it would be best for her to keep in mind how to make a little go a long way.
Are You A Native English Speaker?: Yes

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Galleons : 1
Sickles : 7
Knuts : 40

Wizard Stats
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
Magical Strength: 1

PostSubject: Re: Serena Jasmine Knight   Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:33 pm

Cool, this is fine. All required fields have been filled in.

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Serena Jasmine Knight
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