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The start of a new school year alway beings unexpected surprises, awesome memories and of course... supply gathering! The students of Hogwarts are collecting their supplies from Diagon Alley as we speak, spending their money as they see fit. After this, it's to the station to find Platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express! However, a rather disturbing piece of news has just emerged. Apparently the train stopped on its first trip to Hogwarts and shook from side to side as explosions wrecked havoc from within. The cause is unknown, but families are still assured their children are safe.

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 Sylvan Amberson [Complete]

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Sylvan Amberson
First Year
First Year

Galleons : 1
Sickles : 5
Knuts : 40
Character Age : 26
Location : 2134 Baker Avenue, London

PostSubject: Sylvan Amberson [Complete]   Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:40 pm

Sylvan "Snake" Amberson

General Information

Nickname: Snake
Age: 11
Birthdate: January 1
Blood Purity: Pure-Blood

Character & Personality

- Learning Stronger Spells
- Solitude

- Roaches
- Getting Lost

Strengths: (List at least three)
- A Fast Learner
- Always Calm, Unfazed
- Headstrong in his beliefs
- Cunning

Weaknesses: (List at least three)
- Hateful
- Rebellious
- Power-Hungry
- Deceitful (when forced)


Born to Liz Amberson as her Third Child, Her second son. Sylvan started out as nice, but was at most time bullied by the people in the boarding school because he was always calm and a fast learner. From then on, Sylvan despised the Muggles and his dark ambition grew within him. He plans to become the next Dark Lord. Someone more fearful,sinister and powerful than the deceased Voldemort. (He does not fear his name.) He plans to study in hogwarts like his predecessor so he could become powerful, only this time much more careful to be not discovered with his dark Ambitions.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Liz Amberson
Siblings: Angelina Amberson, Isaac Amberson, Candy Amberson
- One of the quiet ones in the family, like his older brother Isaac
- Smart and a fast-learner but still lazy. (Though Candy is still the smartest)
- Is very good in scheming
- Manipulative
- A Chess-Master (hence his talent in Scheming and Manipulation)
- A talented Violin Player
- A Hidden Parcel-Tongue
- If Candy is the "Smarts", then Sylvan is the "Schemer" or "Manipulator" in the family of Ambersons.
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Galleons : 1
Sickles : 7
Knuts : 40

Wizard Stats
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
Magical Strength: 1

PostSubject: Re: Sylvan Amberson [Complete]   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:51 pm

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Sylvan Amberson [Complete]
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