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 Alexandretta Sheppard

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First Year
First Year

Galleons : 1
Sickles : 7
Knuts : 40
Character Age : 28

Wizard Stats
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
Magical Strength: 1

PostSubject: Alexandretta Sheppard   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:14 am

Alexandretta Sheppard

General Information

Nickname: Dretta
Age: 11
Birthdate: March, 11
Birthplace: South Carolina
Current Home: Hills of Scotland
Blood Purity: Half-blood

Character & Personality

- Reading, plotting out personal adventures, the new world of magic she is discovering, music, art, and rabbits.

- Dogs, the idea of ‘muggle studies’ (she figures it is going to be a joke), idiots, her grandmother’s jobs about her mother, toads, horrible smells, and the color pink.

Strengths: (List at least three)
- She is ambitious , enjoying doing all she can to make it in the lead
- Well read, finding reading large amounts of text easy
- Works well in leadership, not good at following others unless necessary
- Pretty good liar, hiding quickly that she does not know what is going on or easily changes subjects for her benefit.

Weaknesses: (List at least three)
- Though she enjoys Leadership roles, she has short patience for idiots
- She was raised in a ‘non magical environment’ she acts much like a starry eyed Muggle-born, but still holds herself in high esteem with all the information her grandmother told her about.
- Has issues with the metric system... potions class is going to be fun


The Sheppard family is an older wizarding family of Scotland, who in the later generations becomes greatly dependant on the words of a Matriarch figurehead. Most of the line is noted to attend within the Houses of eight Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Very few enter into either other house.

-Sophie was born in a remote area of Scotland, where she attended Hogwarts-Hufflepuff house- until she graduated with average marks. She moved to America to work in a moderate job of their Wizarding Politics. Became pregnant via a one night stand, but held no regrets, she birthed her only daughter and after Dretta’s birth she quit her job and took up a muggle job despite the way her mother felt, and they became estranged for years. That was until Dretta turned 11

-Alexandretta grew up in the cities of the Southern United States, living much of her life in South Carolina. She grew up with a mix accent of southern and the Scottish twang she head from her mother. At the age of 11 Alexandretta knew about her witch bloodline, after receiving a letter from Hogwarts. Alexandretta was then rushed into ‘being a witch 101’ by her mother, and even told her about the family she never knew or met in Scotland. She was Portkeyed to the home of her grandmother Fionnuala all within three days of gaining her letter, she felt confused and alone, but soon readjusted. Her grandmother was standoffish, but did what she had to for her daughter and granddaughter. She is the one who takes Alexandretta to get what she needs to attend the school of her Fore-mothers.


Father: N/A (Muggle)
Mother: Sophie Sheppard (Pure Blood)
Siblings: N/A
Other: Grandmother: Fionnuala Sheppard
Magical Familiar- Butterscotch- Holland Lop (She is rather large then average weighing 7 pounds)

- Wand to receive in thread: 9 ½ Maple wood with Welsh Green Dragon’s Heartstring.

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Eve Summers
First Year
First Year

Galleons : 1
Sickles : 7
Knuts : 40

Wizard Stats
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
Magical Strength: 1

PostSubject: Re: Alexandretta Sheppard   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:26 am

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Alexandretta Sheppard
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